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Content aimed at helping children overcome bullying and encouraging peer support.
Careers Advice
Information and links for your school’s career service – by providing this information online, parents can get involved in their children’s future plans.
Department Sites
Each faculty needs a space online - teachers can use it to share resources, students have a place to ask questions and the department can use their site to celebrate their subject with galleries.
Duke of Edinburgh
A purpose-built space for students working towards the DoE awards. A space to record achievements and provide information on the opportunities the Duke of Edinburgh scheme provides.
eSafety Portal
Information and guidance for students and parents on how to stay safe online. Advice for specific social media platforms and being Frog, schools can edit the information to their school.
Individual spaces for each student to record their achievements, celebrate their best work and share with their parents.
Extra-Curricular Clubs
Mini-websites for any after-school club which wants one. Public and member-only spaces, with discussion forums, moderation and galleries. Students can even run these themselves.
House site
A website for each House in your school. Give control to your house captains and let them run their House through Frog, with galleries, forums, noticeboards and support.
KS1 and KS2 Class
Designed with primary schools in mind, these websites aim to appeal to Reception to year 6 children, with resources built in to support teachers.
Put your library online - this site includes a space for book reviews, goodreads recommendations and research database links. eBooks can be shared as files or opened in Frog using the built-in eBook reader.
Options Portal
The Options Portal is a huge time-saver - there are pages for each department to add their information, question pages and of course, the form itself. All of which is entirely customisable by you.
Policy Template
Use Frog to host your school policies - benefit from Frog’s interactive features, these documents can be moved from draft to submitted and eventually approved.
Aid your photocopying team and help your teachers by supplying an online space where printing can be requested. Allow your repro team to process tasks in order of priority.
Revision Portal
A mini-website containing advice and guidance on topics connected to revision - How to revise, how to reduce stress and how to draw on a revision timetable. There are also links to exam board past paper too!
School Meals
A space for your kitchen team to display their menus and help advertise their services.
School Trip
Get parents and students engaged with information about where they are going, a space for documents to be uploaded, itineraries and a live gallery – which allows parents to follow the trip in a secure, online feed.
SEN Portal
An information portal for your SENCO to provide strategies and guidance for your teachers. Each SEN student has their own record to aid sharing information easier.
Sixth Form Portal
Provide a different online experience for your older students – give them their own space with more relevant content.
SLT Portal
Create a private space for your senior team to record minutes, add files. Very useful when a busy team cannot always meet together.
Sports Day
Celebrate your school event with a gallery space and live updates of the day’s runners and riders.
Student Leadership
Provide a space for your student council to run for themselves – with pages for each group to diary their achievements.
Theatre Performance
Advertise and celebrate your drama departments productions with this online space which can include ticket reservations, galleries and production diaries.
Year 6 Transition
Help ease the transition from primary with this transition site, ready for you to customise with maps of your school, frequently asked questions, discussion forums and quizzes.
Lesson Plans
Frog is first and foremost a learning platform and many of our schools deliver lesson content through websites within the platform. Lesson Plans can be any structure you wish and by placing them within Frog, you create a bank of resources built with your colleagues. The benefits of this co-construction approach to teaching reduces workloads, ensures continuity of learning and acts as a tool for revision.
Accelerated Learning
Equip teachers to deliver lesson content using our Accelerated Learning Lesson Plan template
Alistair Smith (4 Stage)
Equip teachers to deliver lesson content using our Alistair Smith (4 Stage) Lesson Plan template
Knowledge Based
Equip teachers to deliver lesson content using our Knowledge Based Lesson Plan template
Equip teachers to deliver lesson content using our Ted-Ed Lesson Plan template

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