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Easily share meeting minutes, policies and important notices with governors using FrogLearn.

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Every FrogLearn platform comes with the option to create governor accounts. Our Governor Portal is fully customisable and enables governors to share documents and connect remotely.


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Frog's Governor Portal provides the following...

Easy access to view, upload and share documents relating to policies, meetings and newsletters.

See a calendar of events and key dates relating to the governance of the school or MAT.

Facilitate online discussions and allow governors to interact in a controlled environment.

Gain oversight and publish the skillset of the governors on your school's governing body.

Online spaces for all your committees - each one can have its own document and forum areas.

Gather key information from your board of governors and capture polls for quick decisions.

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Your educational operating system with something for everyone - staff, students, governors and parents. Making life easier and reducing workload through a single platform that you can build on over time, at your own pace.

There's many things that FrogLearn can be used for, be inspired with our Education Solutions.


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