Service Status

We are delighted that half a million UK children are successfully using Frog.

However, 17 schools contacted us on Monday with problems directly related to performance. We have successfully resolved the situation in most of these schools and are now working with a handful to get them back on track.

We now believe that not only is Frog working well, it is working faster than it was before the school shutdown.


Hosted platforms

No known issues.

VM platforms

No known issues.

Server platforms

No known issues.

If you are experiencing any problems, then please contact us as soon as possible so we can get you back on track.


Update: 26 March 9am

All Frog services are behaving as expected and stable.

Update: 24 March 2.30pm

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) work has now been rolled out to a large number of schools with excellent results.  We will continue this work today until everyone has the ability to take advantage of this improvement.

Update: 24 March 1.30am

Numerous calls to our central licensing architecture have been reduced through more aggressive and dynamic caching.  This should improve performance significantly for all Frog users.  This, along with a number of other performance enhancements, have already been done to every school server, no action is needed on your part.

The work on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) has now been completed - this will mean users from home will get much of Frog from the cloud rather than from the server in your school, taking a significant load off your school internet connection.  Importantly, for those with servers in schools, your user data remains secure on your infrastructure.  Only core components of the FrogLearn platform are referenced in the CDN.  This will now be rolled out to each school server during the course of Tuesday.  This will also benefit those schools using Frog from our data centre.

Update: 23 March 6pm

Due to unforeseen technical challenges with infrastructure outside of Frog’s control, delays were experienced increasing bandwidth to our data centres. Service providers rectified the issues early yesterday evening. With immediate effect, this saw a significant increase in available bandwidth to support hosted customers.

Additional Information

Depending on the way that you use Frog, please see below:

Hosted platforms

Our data centre has been running well since the 23 March.  Following the changes made on the 22nd March it is has been running at between 20% and 50% capacity.

Server-in-school platforms

For Physical Dell Servers, we recommend a RAM upgrade to 32GB RAM, the quickest and safest way to upgrade the server is to do a straight memory replacement. A Physical Server will have a RAM configuration of 4x 4GB RAM modules, it is recommend to upgrade these to 4x 8GB or higher modules.

The Dell servers can handle multiple memory configurations, however you would need to consult the technical manual for these based on the model of server. A Dell Service Tag can be found on the front of the server.

We have also helped a number of schools to successfully migrate Frog over to their VM infrastructure, which is providing excellent results, even under heavy load.  If you have a VM infrastructure in your school and would like us to help do this, please just call us.

In addition to the above Frog are continuing to make stability improvements where possible.

VM platforms

For VM’s on site we have found that the following specs are dealing successfully with increased usage:

  • 12 vCPU Cores
  • 32GB RAM

If the VM is running on VMware we recommend the following VM host settings:

  • VMware Paravirtual (PVSCSI) SCSI controller
  • Boot volume attached as SCSI disk 0
  • VMXNET 3 Network Adapter
    (This must be configured with a static MAC address provided by Frog)

This increase in resources will ensure that the VM stays stable under the high load and will help prevent the system from crashing and the VM from maxing out the hardware assigned.

In addition to the above Frog are continuing to make stability improvements where possible.

Contact Frog

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