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the operating system
for education

the operating system for education

Welcome to the world of Frog

More than just an education company

We’ve been doing this for 17 years and in that time we’ve worked closely with over 12,000 schools to build educational technology that works. We've assembled an expert team; a meeting of minds between experienced educators and technology experts. We work with the sectors' leading partners and have an education advisory board that helps ensure our technology cuts the mustard, because we take education seriously.

"It's certainly fair to say that Frog has helped more students reach their potential."

Sean Quinn, Rugby High School

Collect evidence at the click of a button

Take a picture or video of work and store it on our state of the art student tracker as evidence for pupil progress.

Why not share it with parents while you’re at it and get them engaged in learning!

"The level of support from the Frog team has been outstanding and I cannot thank them enough for their continued commitment, dedication, and support. There is always the mantra 'we will find a way!' "

Headteacher, Pimlico Academy

We’re an award winning company for a reason...

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Manage homework simply

Set homework to your class based on ability with the click of a button.

You can share everything with their parents, and get useful reports on how students have done.

Our quiz questions are self marking giving you more time.

We also offer a range of creative services to support your schools digital and marketing needs.

Trusted by over 12 million users in 12,000 schools worldwide