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We take education seriously - for 18 years we have been creating products and solutions that empower schools to deliver outstanding education through the use of awesome technology!

From Homework to Progress Tracking...

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Frog is a facilitator; our mission is to enable schools to share and collaborate with other schools because no-one understands their world better than the schools themselves. Our role is to provide a community through which schools can connect with each other and use Frog technology to build the solutions they need.


We are helping schools and MATs with literally every aspect of their school improvement plans; everything from cost savings and saving teacher time, to improving results and engaging parents. 



We also work with industry, public sector and not for profit organisations creating bespoke platforms for learning, outreach and system wide transformation. Find out more...

Building the right thing

We think we create great technology - but it's even better when others recognise how good your product is.