Let’s work together to create practical solutions for the benefit of every school.

The purpose of TheFrogAcademy is to bring schools and MATs together to share ideas and co-create real, practical solutions that will have a positive impact on teaching and learning. These can range from learning resources through to brand new software solutions.

Everything is possible with Frog.

Your great ideas, our expertise. Amazing outcomes.


Appraisal & CPD


Digital Planners


IT Support


MAT Intranet


Behaviour Management

These launch solutions were all designed by schools, for schools, all are freely available to FrogLearn customers. But this was only the beginning - Frog can do so much more...

Designed by schools. Used by schools.



How do you join TheFrogAcademy?

Everyone’s invited. You’ll need FrogLearn, that’s the only requirement because it powers all the solutions that we create with our schools.



What does it cost?

Nothing – just the initial investment in FrogLearn which is going to pay your school/MAT back and more within the first year of joining The Frog Academy.



What do I get for being a part of it?

You’ll get to share your creative ideas and reap the benefits of inspiration shared by other schools. Members get to hear about everything new first such as latest developments, events and school stories linked to TheFrogAcademy.



All of this is achievable with a powerful learning platform that we call FrogLearn. It has the capability to power a whole host of new solutions, that serve TheFrogAcademy community model perfectly. 

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Join The Frog Academy

Membership is free, the only requirement is that your school or MAT has FrogLearn. Register your interest in the Academy by completing the form.