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A bespoke interface - Your platform, your way

Bespoke Platforms

Your brand is important - your students, staff and parents all identify with it. Ensure this visual and emotional connection extends into your learning platform and digital content through the creation of a bespoke theme package.

Bespoke Platform Package

Our standard platform customisation includes two key elements...



To welcome users when they visit your login page we create a bespoke image to sit behind the login box.



Themes help wrap your platform content in your preferred branding. They provide the look & feel of the background area, the navigation and also the content styling of a site or dashboard.

Bespoke Platform Portfolio

Take a look at a selection of designs we have created for our schools...

Bespoke Websites

First impressions count... In many circumstances it is your students, staff and parents first proper introduction to your school. Ensure that it has the 'wow' factor that will reflect the magic that happens at your school.


View Websites Portfolio


Bespoke design

All our websites include a bespoke consultancy process to ensure brand consistency.

Content Management

Our packages are created with FrogLearn, allowing you to easily update all the website content.

Handover Training

To ensure you can hit the ground running all our projects have a handover walkthrough.

Content Migration

Included in all projects is one day of migration to move content from your old site.

Prospectus Design

When we create your prospectus we design each page in line with the content you supply. We want to ensure the design we put together is unique to you - so we never work off a predefined page layout template.



A member of our Creative Studio team will discuss your visual and branding requirements to ensure the design we create is tailored to you.


If you need new images for your prospectus we will organise am on-site photography session to capture shots of your students and school life.

Take a look at some of our photography portfolio...

Logos & Branding

Your brand identity should reflect your ethos and vision - to create a ‘sense of belonging’ - which the students, parents and staff are proud to be part of. We can work with you collaboratively to create an identity that is visually engaging and tailored to your school. 


Here are some identities that we have created for our schools...