Take the leap with Frog

Stand out from the crowd and create a bespoke learning environment that connects students, teachers and parents - providing them with everything in one place.

It is easy to manage everything you do in school through Frog. With a single login, teachers, admins, parents and students are given a clear route to resources, homework and extra-curricular activities through a personalised dashboard.

Your platform. Your way.

Frog gives you complete freedom to create a school-branded environment to engage with your parents and students. It's flexible too! You are in control of the structure and functionality, this ensures it can be tailored to your specific needs. 

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The use of multiple systems only increases the number of login details and links everyone must remember. Frog removes this frustration, integrating seamlessly with many third-party applications and systems to become a central point of entry. 

Please note iSams and WCBS integration does not include SSO,

Tailored Consultation

It is important to us that your school experiences the true power of Frog. Through a tailored consultation, we ensure you find the right fit and start your journey fully equipped to successfully embed the platform in your school.


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