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Set, manage and track homework and assignments using FrogLearn.

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For Students

The Homework Portal presents students with an easy to digest overview of their homework and other assignments.

See what work has been set in each subject, when it is due for handing-in and also access the linked online resources.


For Staff

The Homework Portal allows staff to access a class' markbook of work - they can easily see who has completed a task.

Staff can also access the markbooks of other users - great for when they need to cover another teacher's lesson.


For Parents

The Homework Portal provides parents with visibility into their child's learning - giving them access to the assignment calendar.

Parents can see any work or assignments set, when the work is due to be handed in and also if an assignment is overdue!

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FrogLearn parents can log into the free MyFrog app (Android and iOS devices).  MyFrog provides instant notifications for any homework set, lists of the homework and access to the parent portal within the app.



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Built using FrogLearn

Your educational operating system with something for everyone - staff, students, governors and parents. Making life easier and reducing workload through a single platform that you can build on over time, at your own pace.

There's many things that FrogLearn can be used for, be inspired with our Education Solutions.


The power of FrogLearn

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Engage Learners and Extend Learning

Grow your FrogLearn platform

Alongside a range of tasks to support variation, FrogPlay boasts a unique games-based approach, proven to encourage independent learning in a motivating environment.



300,000 Pre-built resources 

Teachers gain access to a wide range of pre-built content, instantly removing the need to create homework topics from scratch.  Pupils can lead their own learning whilst teachers can rapidly set comprehensive homework tasks.


Flip the classroom to focus learning

Its easy to implement flipped learning and maximise contact time. Simply select a pre-built quiz and test knowledge ahead of a classroom lesson and adapt content to address learning needs. Quickly identify those individuals requiring additional support and tailor homework accordingly. 


Motivate with game-based quizzing

Engage pupils beyond the classroom with powerful game-based quizzes. When enabled, gameplay is unlocked once a selection of topic questions has been completed and continues to add game credits and new features as pupils advance. 

The more they learn, the greater the play!

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