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Your prospectus and marketing materials are a great way to showcase your school to prospective parents and students. Whatever you have in mind we can work with you to create a visually striking set of marketing materials.

Choosing a school is a difficult decision that all parents have to face. Your school prospectus could have significant impact in making this decision a lot easier. We will work with you to create a prospectus that reflects and highlights all of the following aspects:

School Ethos

The beliefs, values and attitude that you cultivate form a key aspect of what makes your school unique. This ethos permeates the relationships that exist in the school environment and provides a key way of showing how you will care for their child.


Do you have a unique feature to your school that sets you apart from others? What have you as a school achieved that you want to shout about? Have you got any individual pupils that demonstrate what your guidance has helped to achieve?


What programmes can you showcase to a prospective parent so they feel confident that their child’s future is in safe hands. Parents require a school to give a complete education, offering their child the chance to excel in multiple opportunities.

Support Network

Parents care for their children and want to be sure you do too. Feature the support network you have in place to look after your student’s wellbeing, career advice and also provide guidance for whatever challenges school life may present.

Completely Unique

When we create your prospectus we design each page in line with the content you supply. We want to ensure the design we put together is unique to you - so we never work off a predefined page layout template.

Print or digital?

Whatever format you would like the prospectus delivered using we can tailor the package to your needs.

So whether you need it printing, simply want a PDF version or would like a turning page version we can provide the necessary service.

Take a look

Check out some of the prospectus designs we have completed for schools - click on the links below to take a look.

Included in this package:
16 page prospectus design
Onsite photography (1 day)
Printed copies (x500)
Digital Download PDF


Included in this package:
12 page prospectus design
Onsite photography (1 day)
Print-ready PDF
Digital Download PDF


Included in this package:
10 page prospectus design
x2 Interactive spreads
Digital Download PDF


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