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Customise the look and feel of your FrogLearn platform with a bespoke theme to match your school's identity.

Your brand is important - your students, staff and parents all identify with it. Ensure this visual and emotional connection extends into your learning platform and digital content through the creation of a bespoke theme package.

What can be included with our customisation packages?

School Dashboard

Based on a brief that you supply we create and setup your school dashboard front page.

We will integrate your house style to create visually engaging welcome page content that will allow users to access all the information that you would like to drive them towards.

Theme design

As part of the customisation package we will create a bespoke theme design - themes help wrap your content in your preferred style..

They define the styling for the background, the navigation menu and also the content area of a site or dashboard.

Login background

To welcome users when they hit your login page we will create a bespoke image to sit behind the login box. This will complete the work that is included in the customisation package.

Our FrogLearn Customisation package....


x1 Bespoke theme
x1 Dashboard design
Login background

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