App Validation

When your app is ready to be published, we will validate your integration with Frog.

These are the key validation points we need to pass before publishing your app tile in the FrogStore and activating the integration for live schools.

Area Checks


Live sites must use https (at least for the AssertionConsumerService / ReplyTo URL)
Single Sign On
  • Users in all supported roles can single sign on and do not get asked to re-authenticate in the app.
  • Users who do not have an email address configured in Frog can successfully sign on to the app.
  • Where users are provisioned from another data source (e.g. MIS) or already have accounts in your service, it is acceptable for each user to be asked to link their Frog account to their app account (by, for example, using one-time credentials that are issued by the school). It is also acceptable to ask users for information that is not provided by Frog (e.g. gender). However, linking or collecting extra information should only happen once and users should not have to enter information that is already provided by Frog.
Frog Logo Your app should not use the Frog logo, even when a user is logged in through Frog; it should be clear that the app is provided by your company and not by Frog.
User Management Functionality

Where user management functionality is available in your app. Our recommendation is to hide any user management functionality that is redundant - e.g. pages for changing passwords, modifying user or school details, adding accounts.

Please note that if your app includes the facility to add a user who does not single sign on through Frog, we are not able to prevent this user from continuing to sign in if the school cancels their licence for your app.


Displayed with your app in our FrogStore. The description of your app should be clear, accurate and consice.

It should include:

  • A strapline, key features and educational benefits
  • Images/screen captures to promote and demonstrate your product (5mb max per image)
  • A PDF help document detailing any necessary post activation steps (this should be a clear process that does not generate support tickets)
  • Links to your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Whether you support User Account Matching
  • Technical requirements e.g. device/OS/browser support, plugins needed
  • Any MIS dependency
  • Contact information for support purposes

If your app is hosted outside the European Economic Area, please make a clear statement to this effect, and ensure that either this statement or one of the linked documents is clear about the legal implications of this hosting location for customers' data.

Error Handing

If a user attempt to login fails due to incomplete or invalid extended data, the app should route to an information page explaining the issue and provide contact details for obtaining data such establishment keys.

Help and Support Information

It should be clear to a user in your app where to find help and support information (including a way to initiate a support request). It can be an email address, a phone number, or a link.

Please also include this info in your App Description.

Terms & Conditions

There should be a clear link to your terms and conditions within your app - this should include your privacy policy, license terms and details on where your service is hosted. It is a legal requirement when transferring data outside the EEA to provide informed consent to users or the data controller as appropriate.

Please also include this link in your App Description.

Supporting Information

As part of our standard integration, we need certain pieces of information about your app.
When your app is ready to be published, we will validate your integration with Frog.

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