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Process Guide | App Checklist

As part of our standard integration, we need the following information about your app:

  • Application Name (free text 255 character limit) – The name of your application as it will appear to end users​
  • Icon  – 64x64 pixel image that will represent your application inside FrogOS
  • FrogStore Tile Information – Icons, images and overview of your product
  • Opening Preferences – Tab or Modal, this determines the whether your application will open as a separate tab or as a modal within the FrogLearn window
  • Auth URL – The URL of your application that we will redirect the user to. This URL will be an end point on your application and must be compatible with SAML2
  • Extended Data – If you require any further data elements that will be populated by end users on a per school basis (such as establishment keys), you may add up to 5 additional data fields in to your meta-package.
  • Provisioning Summary – How will you provision users in to your application and what user data will you store?
  • User Attributes – Which of our user attributes do you want to receive?
  • User Role -  Summary of the different behaviours of your app at user role level
  • Test Environment – Please provide a summary of your test environment including test credentials, end points and URLS
  • Global Rollout – Are there any special considerations that need to be taken in to account when activating your application for non UK schools?

Once you have provided these data fields we can begin building your app meta-package and start testing in our development region.

Supporting Information

As part of our standard integration, we need certain pieces of information about your app.
When your app is ready to be published, we will validate your integration with Frog.

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