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Assignment Activity Hand-ins Widget 

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Produces a report to help spot when a child is hitting the hand-in button when they haven’t actually completed the assignment.


This widget was designed by John Parsons at Winston Churchill School, aimed at addressing the issue of students pretending to have no homework by handing them in without completing the activities.  While assignments can be reopened, it is awkward for a tutor or head of year to spot issues with individual students.  This tool works with the Select User widget to search for a student then display their assignments, when they handed each one in and if they completed all the activities.  The table can be copied to your clipboard for pasting into a spreadsheet.



As mentioned above, this widget uses the Select User widget to search for a student.  You can find this in Widgets > Advanced.


In order for this widget to work, the following Frog Developer Platform APIs must be enabled via Groups & Policies (either for the Staff Profile or a group)



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Product Team, Frog Education


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Please note: FrogCode widgets are not officially supported by our Service Desk. FrogCode was created to give extra flexibility to schools wishing to use custom code. Many of the widgets in this section have been created by our schools to share with other schools.

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