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Using Feedback

Bishops Blue Coat

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Feedback for assignments

Bishops Blue Coat School

Corinne, VLE Coordinator for Bishops Blue Coat, Chester spoke to Frog about their use of Feedback, Frog’s comment-based marking system designed with support from our educational advisory board.


See it in action

What was the appeal of Feedback?

“Our teachers were really keen to look at electronic marking, but for most systems that involves downloading and uploading.  With Feedback, everything is in the browser.  The audio recording function has been popular.”

“One of our art teachers on seeing Feedback cried out: ‘great, I don’t have to type anymore!’  She has gone on to setting aside time in lessons for students to listen to her feedback via headphones.”

Feedback in action at Bishops Blue Coat

How did you approach training staff with Feedback?

“Every half term, I run a Frog surgery – a sort of lunchtime drop-in.  We provide tea and biscuits (biscuits and cakes – we usually say goodies on the emails) and staff come in voluntarily for training.  We get different teachers each time and I work with them to show off part of Frog they haven’t seen before.”


“We tend to theme these surgeries and earlier this calendar year, we showed off Feedback.  We’d trialled it in ICT, before moving into Art anyway, but once the surgery had taken place, anyone could use it.  “


“Stephen Moffat, our ICT and Teaching & Learning lead used the opportunity to test our mobile devices for staff.  The art department have been testing it with iPads and ICT are testing Chromebooks."


“Stephen has already used an Inset day to train staff on FrogSnap, by using the app to find good examples and teaching and learning around school.  Students are allowed mobile devices in school, but we slowly introduced the apps to them”.  Some departments have tried, such as Y10/11 Psychology FrogSnapping their meals to discuss eating habits as th start of a topic.


“Whenever an update guide comes through from Frog, I break it down and send it to our Frog Champions, along with ideas of how they could use the new features.  I did this with Feedback and it really helped inspire staff”.

Six months on, how’s Feedback being used?

“Some staff really value the voice feedback option, others just really like having that mark book off paper, some like that they can set in advance and forget about it for a few weeks it automatically pops up to students on the right day.”


“To share with the powers that be I made a group and applied a policy to it allowing use of the assignment monitor widget for those specific users. This could be head of each dept, SLT or whoever needs access.”

Frog says

Corinne has provided us with an example of audio feedback on a student’s newsletter project. As you will see, using Feedback, the teacher is able to deliver context-rich marking with needing specialist software or having to spend a long time preparing detailed comments.

Feedback is an additional addon for FrogLearn. If you are interested in a trial, please contact your School Relationship Manager here at Frog or the Service Desk

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