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Alerting Parents to Behaviour Reports

Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form, Staffordshire

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Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form is a large Secondary school in Staffordshire. For some time, they have been successfully using Frog ePlanners for every student. As with a paper planner, teachers can add comments to these records which are then visible to the relevant parent. 

The Challenge

Despite teacher comments being visible to parents, there was a concern that they wouldn’t know a comment had been made and therefore likely to miss any new reports. 

The Frog Solution

For this scenario Frog recommended a bespoke widget which would be built using FrogCode. The widget would display as a button on the ePortfolio, which when activated would send a push notification (and email) to the relevant parent with a link back to the student’s ePortfolio and behaviour report. 

The Impact


“[The] widget is absolutely FABULOUS!! Thank you again so much for sorting it out. The teachers are loving it and we are getting more and more parents requesting logins so they can access the comments.”

“It is certainly helping us increase parental engagement as well as communication with home.”

“Parents are now working more closely with us to support our culture and ethos since they received the link to the updates, both good and not so good, straight to their phones.”

Karine Cotterill, Learning Technologies.
Blythe Bridge High School 
& Sixth Form 


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Blythe Bridge High School & Sixth Form is a large Secondary school in Staffordshire. For some time, they have been successfully using Frog ePlanners for every student.
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