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More learning, less assessment

King Edwards VI

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King Edwards VI

King edwards VI, a charitable foundation of eight secondary schools, is reaching out to help primary schools in Birmingham engage pupils more in learning, while reducing the time teachers have to spend on assessment.

Keith Phipps

VLE Development Director, King Edwards VI School

“This doesn’t seem like learning!”

"The key to these pupils’ higher engagement, learning and self esteem appears to be their enjoyment of FrogPlay. They take the online assessments independently, they like the gaming format and interactivity and they have an increased desire for mastery. One pupil
said, “This doesn’t seem like learning!”

"The analytics in FrogPlay show the overall amount of time pupils are voluntarily spending at home using the quizzes. An outstanding example is one pupil spent 23 hours completing  quizzes over the summer holiday – equivalent to more than an extra school week!

Perfect for assessment

"With structured quizzes across all the eight main subjects studied in the primary schools, the teachers have gained an automatic assessment system that complements their teacher assessments. Frog provides an assessment structure for ‘life after levels’ that is manageable."

Improving transition

"As the quizzes have been authored by teachers in the secondary schools, this has created a dialogue between primary and secondary that has benefited both, in generating the age-appropriate quizzes. The expectation is that this collaboration will improve the transition between primary and secondary."

Independent learning

"The next stage in this project is developing the learning pages in FrogLearn.
These will create the link from the quizzes to independent learning materials
to improve pupil’s performance. The aim is to help pupils become more
independent learners so teachers to use class time more productively."

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