Our Solutions

Frog Progress is a centralised assessment and progress reporting system developed from the ground up in close partnership with the NAHT, NAACE and leading schools across the UK, Frog Progress is the leading choice for schools who are looking for a system that has been designed purposefully to assess and measure progress for life after levels or mastery based curriculum.
Our home learning solution develops the skills of independent learning and supports each learner to enable them to make maximum progress in raising their understanding and knowledge resulting in increased attainment.
A challenging phase within a child's journey is the transition between each key stage of education. Especially if a child has gaps in their capabilities or knowledge. Teachers need to be able to quickly identify these children to ensure they can catch-up . Frog has a solution to help with this exact challenge.
Making everyday tasks such sharing information and resources easier and more manageable. We like to think of Frog Learn as your Educational Operating System. Frog Learn is for everyone, making life easier, reducing workload and providing a platform that you can build on over time, at your pace.
FrogConnect is our solution which enables schools that are part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MATs) to communicate and collaborate effectively.
For over 15 years we have been working with schools and academies to create bespoke learning platforms and engaging websites. We are also able to provide a range of services designed to help you with all your creative and marketing needs including photography and prospectus design.


At Frog we believe that if we find the right people everything else will fall into place. Our team consists of the most inspiring, hard working, and talented people in the industry and we’re proud to be here.
Frog technology is powering not just individual schools, but whole countries. Our technology covers all digital aspects of a school, it is wide reaching, extremely flexible and well proven.
Bringing schools and MATs together to share ideas and co-create real, practical solutions that will have a positive impact on teaching and learning. These can range from learning resources through to brand new software solutions - everything is possible with Frog.
Every single Frog module has an individual function or purpose - just like a Lego® brick has been designed for a particular use. The Frog system is a toolkit of inter-connected modules - it’s like a massive box of Lego that lets you create a whole host of things.
Solutions are like sets of Lego bricks - each solution is a collection of Frog modules that combine to provide a collective function. Our solutions are designed to help schools in the challenges that they face - we select and configure the relevant Frog modules to create a tailored system.
We ensure that we adhere to an important set of principles. We believe these principles ensure that Frog will work in the way you need it to, it allows the system to be tailored to your school needs and becomes integrated with your ethos and values.