Beyond Google and MS Teams:
How a holistic approach can bridge gaps in your digital strategy

Wednesday 13th October  |  Online Event

Panel Guests


Where does education technology find a home alongside Teams and Google?


Elizabeth Silvester

Assistant Headteacher | Frederick Gough School

Elizabeth has worked at Frederick Gough for 5 years and is currently overseeing teaching and learning as well as Frog. Her role has developed with the shift to the digital world of online lessons as she leads CPD to ensure staff are comfortable developing online.


George Bligh

Digital Platforms Co-ordinator | Greenshaw High School

Leading the digital/online provision for Greenshaw High, George brings a technical perspective that closely aligns with teaching and learning activity in school to ensure both work in harmony.


Phil Spoors

Assistant Headteacher | Cramlington Learning Village

Phil is Assistant Headteacher at Cramlington Learning Village with responsibility for ELearning. Interested in all things CPD, he has been involved in supporting schools and staff training for a number of years in many different roles.


Mandi Kirby

Middle School Head + Director of Studies | The Arbor School, Dubai

Mandi is Head of Middle School at The Arbor School, with nearly 30 years teaching experience, including 15 years as a senior leader in the Middle East. She is also a school inspector, undertaking annual ISI inspections around the world.

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Sarah Birch is Trust Standards Lead for River Tees Multi-Academy Trust in Middlesbrough.
Mark Anderson is a former school leader with over 20 years of classroom experience, many will know Mark from his blog and Twitter handle as @ICTEvangelist.
Gareth co-founded and set up Frog in 1999 and has overseen the product which is now used in 23 countries by over 10 million users.
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