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data_to_form.png  Data to Form


This widget enables you to import personal data from a spreadsheet into a Frog form.  You can then use the form's Access Control to provide a secure, information database.

This widget means that any personalised, non-MIS information you wish to provide to students, parents or teachers can be displayed within Frog.

Requests for a tool of this kind have been suggested by school looking for ways to display things like:

  • Times of peripatetic music lessons
  • Short term grades
  • Personal revision links
  • Tutor details
  • Reward points
  • After School clubs



The widget displays their entries back for the logged in user, which you can style directly.

This forum thread provides the HTML code you can use to retrieve the data yourself.



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How to install a widget

If you are not sure how to install one of the FrogCode widgets please take a look at the following video tutorial....

Important Information

The Package Manager application is required to create and install FrogCode applications and widgets. By default, it is not available to any group, including Admins.  This can be added in Groups and Policies.

To create your own widgets, you will need to activate FrogCode Editor, please contact the Frog Support team. Call through on 01422 395939.