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FrogPlay Leaderboards

A quick guide to them and what they show

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Competition time!

The leaderboards are a place to see how you rank with other gamers from across the globe! The score used in this leaderboard is purely about your game play – not how many questions you have answered overall.

Every time you play a game in FrogPlay, the score you achieve in that game is saved. Your highest score in each game is saved on the global leaderboard.

Some games have points, others are scored in dollars, pounds, seconds or XP. 

You can check out who is top of each game by clicking on the Champion's League/Leaderboards poster in the room and then go to ‘Choose a game’ in the top right corner


Not all games have a leaderboard, particularly some of the design games, but for the others you can choose any game, and see the Top 50 students. You'll also see where you rank globally. 


If you're not happy with your rank, why not play again? You can go straight to the game from this screen.  

Overall Hiscores 

However, just because you're great at shooting aliens or blasting enemy pirate ship, that doesn't mean you are the best at diving for buried treasure or answering game show questions. That's where your Gamerscore comes in. You can check this by viewing Overall Hiscores. 

The Gamerscore is an overall score showing your skill as a gamer. Each time you play a game, this score is increased. No matter which game you choose, our algorithm balances the games against each other. Do well at the game, and it will increase your overall Gamerscore. It's that simple! 

Want to really show off? 

You can also select to view just your buddies, school, class, form, or year. You can even compare with any buddy to see who is best in each game!



Remember, while it is true that getting questions correct won't add to your scores at all, you will always do better in the games by answering questions correctly. 

For example, one attempt in Sea Spikes might get you 25 points, whereas if you get 5 questions correctly beforehand you'll get 5 attempts, so you could get as high as 125 points! 

That means doing lots of quizzes and answering lots of questions correctly means you are sure to rise through the ranks! Good luck! 

What the leaderboard is NOT

  • How long you have spent in the system. 
  • Your Total time score shown in the student room. 
  • How many credits you have earned. Credits are earned for completing the quizzes/homeworks and are used to unlock new games or avatar parts 
  • How many questions you have answered correctly. We want you to do well answering the questions and so we do make the games reward you and you can get a better game score as a result BUT answering lots of questions right and not playing the games will not give you a position on the Hiscores – you need to play the games and do well too.

FrogPlay's Leaderboards can also be provided for your school's digital signage, contact the Service Desk for more details.

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