Curriculum, Assessment & Progress
Frog Progress creates conversations about children, helping teachers to focus and accelerate targeted improvement activities to raise outcomes.

FrogProgress is a unified solution that allows schools to...


Track and report on learning progress


Assess and moderate against an agreed standard of learning


Gather evidence and make judgements on mastery


Access and personalise Curriculum for Excellence


Identify gaps in students learning

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What makes FrogProgress different?

In FrogProgress you will not find any weighted assessment ratings or formulas as we believe in putting assessment back in the hands of teachers.


Frog Progress is the leading choice for schools who are looking to close the attainment gap and to assess and measure progress across the wide range of subjects within Curriculum for Excellence including literacy, numeracy and health and well being. 


  • Curriculum Designer

    Curriculum Designer

    Teachers can work together to design the curriculum for each subject and year group through an intuitive interface. An existing range of curriculums are available for direct use or adaptation, enabling teachers to show year on year progression with clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess student progress.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    A wide range of pre-built reports make it easy for schools to track every child's progress and manage intervention programmes accordingly. The rich reporting interface also provides key insight into how different contextual groups are progressing across your school based on the data stored in your Management Information System.

  • Exemplar Standards

    Exemplar Standards

    It is easy to understand exactly what good looks like for your school by comparing an individual’s work against exemplar standard materials for each learning objective. This provides the ideal platform to facilitate the internal and external moderation of your curriculum and how it is performing. 

What’s included with FrogProgress?

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Curriculum Designer

Curriculum Designer gives you the freedom to create and manage your own school's curricular that is completely flexible and bespoke to your school.


Progression Charts

Assess against the curriculum, spot gaps in students' prior years, make judgements, capture evidence and assign resources at the click of a button. 


Curriculum Mapped Resources

Collaborate and support your teachers by sharing resources, exemplar standards, curriculum mapped video lessons, quizzes and tests. 


Progress Reporting

.  Create customised reporting in a few steps, enabling you to quickly identify gaps in knowledge.


Evidence Capture

Share photos, audio and videos using mobile devices, quickly enabling the capture of evidence and supporting collaboration on school activities.



Activity Timelines

Showcase work, encourage dialogue and even organise collections of media through interactive timelines that can be shared with students, teachers and parents.

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