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Easily set, share and manage quality homework, securely.

With over 300,000 curriculum mapped quizzes, Frog HomeLearning is a transformative solution for schools. Your homework is prepared for you - all you need to do is set it. Homework is automatically marked - providing detailed feedback on individual student misunderstandings and common misconceptions.

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Reduce teacher workload with HomeLearning. Easily set, distribute and evidence homework, provide visibility for all stakeholders, engage pupils and parents outside the classroom and improve results.


Set and mark online and offline homework in seconds


Track homework setting 
and completions


Provide full visibility for parents, leaders, staff and pupils


Encourage and support independent learning


Ensure compliance with a home learning policy

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"We’ve seen tremendous engagement and progress being made by students across all quizzes. We now have a sustainable whole school homework strategy that everybody is engaged with."

David Pohl, Deputy Headteacher
Yardleys School



Engage Learners and Extend Learning

Alongside a range of tasks to support variation, HomeLearning boasts a unique games based approach, proven to encourage independent learning in a motivating environment.



300,000 Pre-built resources 

Using HomeLearning teachers gain access to a wide range of pre-built content, instantly removing the need to create homework topics from scratch.  Pupils can lead their own learning whilst teachers can rapidly set comprehensive homework tasks.


Flip the classroom to focus learning

Its easy to implement flipped learning and maximise contact time with HomeLearning. Simply select a pre-built quiz and test knowledge ahead of a classroom lesson and adapt content to address learning needs. Quickly identify those individuals requiring additional support and tailor homework accordingly. 


Motivate with game-based quizzing

To help engage pupils beyond the classroom HomeLearning provides powerful game-based quizzes. When enabled, gameplay is unlocked once a selection of topic questions has been completed and continues to add game credits and new features as pupils advance. 

The more they learn, the greater the play!

One hour of usage each week resulted in...

13.5% Improvement in results

Source: Frog Impact Report


Watch our series of webinars that discuss four topics related to Home Learning and also how Frog can empower you successfully implement a homework policy...

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Powerful reports,
powerful insights 

With deep insight into all aspects of home learning, teachers can easily identify where to focus their effort, whilst middle and senior leaders can ensure compliance with the schools’ home learning policy, check completion rates, and assure quality of tasks.  



Built using HomeLearning

The complete Homework solution - Easily set, distribute and evidence homework, provide visibility for all stakeholders, engage pupils and parents outside the classroom and improve results.


The power of Frog

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