Frog Modules
Every single Frog module has an individual function or purpose - just like a Lego® brick has been designed for a particular use.

The Frog system is a toolkit of inter-connected modules - it’s like a massive box of Lego that lets you create a whole host of things.


Curriculum Designer

Curriculum Designer gives you the freedom to create and manage your own school's curricular that is completely flexible and bespoke to your school.


Progression Charts

Assess against the curriculum, spot gaps in students' prior years, make judgements, capture evidence and assign resources at the click of a button. 


Curriculum Mapped Resources

Collaborate and support your teachers by sharing resources, exemplar standards, curriculum mapped video lessons, quizzes and tests. 


Evidence Capture

Share photos, audio and videos using mobile devices, quickly enabling the capture of evidence and supporting collaboration on school activities.


Assignment Monitoring

Give SLT and teachers the ability to monitor and check homework via date, subject, year group, pupil and teacher across the school.


Progress Reporting

.  Create customised reporting in a few steps, enabling you to quickly identify gaps in knowledge.


Setting Homework and Assignments

Quickly and easily manage the setting of homework and assignments from self marked quizzes to computer coding assignments.


Homework Calendar

Show students, parents and teachers exactly what homework is due each week along with the submission status.


Website and Lesson Builder

Build anything from subject areas to parental and governor portals using Sites - easy to build web pages where you can add any content you want.


Quizzes and Tests

Check your students understanding with a wide range of question types. Tap into a rich question bank of over 250,000 curriculum mapped questions across many subject areas.


Games Based Learning

Proven to raise results, our games-based learning engine helps check what students know, retain knowledge and master their subjects.


Marking and Feedback

Quickly mark work and give rich contextualised feedback through Frog’s simple online marking interface. From stickers and annotations to audio feedback, marking has never been so easy.


Learning Gap Analysis

Easily see what a student does and doesn't know with Frogs simple to view traffic light report which make it easy to spot gaps in students' knowledge.


Development Platform

Enable teachers, technical staff and even students to build their own applications, driving innovation within your school. The ability to code within Frog makes anything possible.


Custom Dashboards

Provide different environments for specific groups of users and gain full control over how your platform looks and feels to your different stakeholders through simple to customise dashboards.


Internal Search Engine

Frog's global search makes finding things easy and pain free. Through a single search you gain direct access into every area of the platform. 


Activity Timelines

Showcase work, encourage dialogue and even organise collections of media through interactive timelines that can be shared with students, teachers and parents.


Document Management and Sharing

Distribute and share groups of resources easily with the Shared Folders widget, simplifying admin and providing users a direct route to files and resources


Communication Tools

Engage with your key stakeholders, connecting them into everyday school life through a range of easy to use communication tools.


Data Collection and Opinion Polls

Get quick responses by creating or importing surveys and polls with just a couple of clicks.