Formative or Summative

Summative and formative assessment are two ways to evaluate a student’s learning - discover how Frog can support either!

What's the difference?

Formative and Summative are two assessment methods...


Formative Assessment

The goal of formative assessment is to keep an eye on a student's learning and be able to pro-actively provide ongoing feedback. This feedback will improve the teaching provided to the student and then result in potentially improved learning.


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Summative Assessment

The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate a student's learning and understanding at the end of an instructional unit or period of time. The student will be assessed or tested against an expected standard or defined benchmark level.


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Formative Assessment

How can we improve if we don’t know where we are? With Frog, learners complete teacher assigned or independent learning activities in an engaging games based environment. Assessment data is collected and presented back to the learner and teacher.


Where are they going?

Powerful reports clearly identify where students are succeeding and through gap analysis, feedback highlights the areas in need of improvement. By empowering teachers with learner analytics and personalisation tools, they can create clear and measurable objectives. Using self marking task setting, teachers can assign activities to gain a deeper understanding of ability


How to get from one place to the other...

Most importantly, Frog's games based approach provides an engaging, secure ecosystem which inspires meaningful learning conversations.



Assessment for Learning

Using the data and tools, learners and teachers can discuss strategies for improvement where feedback as a positive means of improving. Learner analytics demonstrate performance and monitor progress on an ongoing basis. Frog can provide an AfL backbone for your school, supporting your teachers, improving results and sustaining high standards


'My son mastered the maths quizzes and would challenge himself to do harder questions. Combining this with gamification made it exciting.' 

Parent of Mohammed Haaroon Hussain
Westminster Primary

Summative Assessment

As it’s important in education to be able to evidence what students have learnt. FrogPlay’s self-marking assessment approach provides a simple, yet effective way of evaluating student understanding, in a well-constructed environment.


Frog provides the ideal mechanism to create high stakes summative assessments such as, end of unit or end of stage testing. 


The powerful learning analytics within Frog allow summative assessments to be compared against a number of standards such as bespoke groups, classes and school year. 


Using Frog’s progress measuring tools, data from summative assessments can be applied formatively when students or teachers use it to guide efforts and activities.


Frog provides a consistent framework for summative and formative assessments across all subjects areas, providing high stakes to key stakeholders.