A series of interviews with staff, teachers and a student who are actively involved with Delta's Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme...

Jo Twiby


What is the Delta SKE offer?

How do you deliver your SKE?

Why did you want to deliver a SKE programme?

Why would a student choose your SKE programme?

Lucy Dix


How has your experience of online learning shaped your SKE offer?

What were the main considerations for you in delivering a successful SKE programme?

What has been your experience of launching the SKE?

How will you keep content up to date, and accommodate different learning styles?

What has been the feedback?

Elise Dakin


Why did you choose Delta?

How are you finding the course?

How do you think the SKE course will benefit you?

What would you say to someone thinking of taking an SKE course through Delta?

Marina Summerton


Why would you choose Delta for your SKE?

How do you uncover gaps in knowledge?

How do you address gaps in knowledge?

How does a school based SKE differ to other providers?

How are you addressing a range of different learners, to make sure the courses are differentiated?

How do you keep the content engaging for learners?

How are you going to be able to support your online learners?


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