Home Learning Course


The aim of this site is to introduce you to the HomeLearning product. You will find individual guides for each type of user within Frog.

Home Learning for Teachers

  • Setting Quick Homework
  • Collecting Text and Links from students
  • Collecting Files and Images from students
  • Assigning a Self-marking Quiz
  • Collecting Computer Code from students
  • Viewing FrogPlayVideos

  • Introducing Markbook
  • Assignment List
  • Creating a markbook
  • Using homework with another class
  • Marking work
  • FrogPlay Reports in Assignment Manager
  • Setting targets and average marks
  • Inserting an Assessment into a Markbook
  • Closing an Assignment
  • Deleting an assignment
  • Assignment Monitor Overview
  • Mark Scheme Manager

  • What is the discover applications
  • Discover search and filter
  • Managing pinboard
  • MyFrog


Home Learning for Students

  • Viewing Homework as a Student
  • MyFrog
  • Frog Buddies
  • Creating your Avatar
  • FrogPlay Leaderboard


Home Learning for Admin

  • FrogPlay Reports
  • Uploading resources
  • Using Discover