Home Learning for Staff

Home Learning


Welcome to our Home Learning course. We have created some great video tutorials to help you get the most out of your platform. You can use the menu on the left or click on one of the links below to be taken to that tutorial.


Assigning FrogPlay Quizzes - Overview on how to assign Frogplay quizzes 

FrogPlay Leaderboard - Overview on how the leaderboard works 

FrogPlay reports in Assignment manager - Overview of Reports 

Viewing FrogPlay Videos - Use FrogPlay videos as resources in assignments

Other Activity Homework - Overview on how the 'Other Activity' functions

Preparing Homework in Advance - Be prepared when it comes to setting homework 

What is the Discover Application? - Learn about what Discover is and how it can help you

Discover Search and Filter - How to get the most out of Discover

Managing the Pinboard - Learn how to add resources to your Pinboard

Uploading Resources - A quick overview on how to upload resources