Watch a collection of videos created by different schools that demonstrate how they are using Frog to engage, interact with and teach students!

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The Winston Churchill School

Discover how The Winston Churchill School are using Frog to teach multiple subjects during the current Coronavirus lock-down!

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Finton House School

Discover how Finton House School are using Frog to create a virtual school environment for their staff, students and parents with a specific focus on ePortfolios.

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North Lakes School

Discover how North Lakes School are using Frog to engage and interact with students during the ongoing remote learning scenario!

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Salesian College

Salesian College have had Frog since 2013, initially working with a basic structure which has since been developed into a hub for notices, setting homework and creating/sharing resources. 

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British School of Paris

The British School of Paris are using Frog to create a Flexible ad Reliable platform, promote Order, and offer opportunities for Growth for their staff and students.

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