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The power of Frog

Three core elements make up the Frog product, think of these like engines for different purposes...

Deliver a unique learning experience using curriculum mapped quizzes for setting homework topics and engaging pupils through integrated gameplay.

Standalone or Integrated
Play is fully mobile responsive.
Your Educational Operating System that has something for everyone - staff, students, governors and parents. Making life easier and reducing workload through a single platform that you can build on over time, at your own pace.

What can I create using Learn?
Thanks to our community of users you can have many systems ready to go, from Homework management through to Appraisal systems!
Are you part of a MAT or group of schools?

Multi Academy Trusts
The leading choice for schools seeking an authoritative way to consistently assess and measure student progress and also design their curriculum.

Standalone or Integrated
Progress has a native Mobile App

Your requirements may just need one of these engines but they can be combined to increase the power and functionality of your Frog platform. For schools who are specifically interested in homework and home learning we have created a hybrid product...


Frog HomeLearning



For schools who have a specific focus on a homework solution we have taken one of our products FrogPlay and added some features of FrogLearn - creating a hybrid system that can easily be upgraded.

Explore HomeLearning



Using this app, students, parents and teachers can see their homework, dashboards, calendar and timetable all in one place.



Access your entire teaching and learning world through our FrogLearn app for iOS and android mobile devices.



Instant uploads of photos, videos, audio recordings and now scan documents to your FrogLearn platform.



The FrogProgress app allows you to capture and upload evidence. It is also a simple way to update your exemplar standard files.