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Life After Levels

The major criticism of levels is that it stopped teachers talking about children as individuals. Frog allows you to see each child as an individual and guide them through the curriculum in a way which isn't possible with other systems built with levels in mind. Our schools tell us the difference in outcomes is huge!

Other systems force schools to re-create levels, which gives teachers a considerably higher workload than necessary. Our teachers have shown that using Frog effectively can reduce your teachers workloads considerably. This allows them the time to make a real difference in a child's education.

Curriculum Designer

Designing your curriculum is the first step in navigating the new curriculum. Our Curriculum Designer tool comes with 9 curriculums to choose from as a starting point.

Since it's launch just over a year ago, over 1500 schools are using Curriculum Designer.

It's a flexible system which allows you to write and manage your own curriculum and build on the curriculums provided by our partners.

Frog’s Curriculum Designer app is available for free from

Resources & Exemplars

One of the hardest parts of teaching is knowing where you stand compared to other schools. We've worked with our partners to build a bank of exemplar standards so that you can have peace of mind in your teaching.

We help you know exactly what "good" looks like whilst making it easy for you to share resources to continually improve teaching and learning in your school.

"We have never known our students better.”

Nick House, Head Teacher, Greenshaw High School

Capture Evidence

Ofsted need you to show them progress, but collecting evidence can be a real chore. Frog makes it simple for you to capture evidence as you go along in a range of formats including video, audio, and photographs that are automatically linked to that child and their learning objectives.

Easily capture evidence using mobile apps and only make judgements against key learning objectives to save time


Frog gives you sophisticated reporting that is easy to use, allowing you to quickly identify gaps in knowledge so you can tailor learning to meet children’s needs

"Having assessment driving the learning has given teachers better accountability. Discussions are a lot more focused using KPIs in Curriculum Designer. Instead of discussing what levels children are at, it's now focused on what the child can and can't do."

Simon Smith, Headteacher, East Whitby Primary School

Life After Levels is a collaboration founded by Frog Education and the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) to help schools take advantage of the removal of national attainment levels.

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Manage teaching and learning

Finton House Primary have been using FrogProgress for just over a year to help them work together effectively and manage teaching and learning.


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