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Frog Housekeeping

End of year tasks for Frog

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FrogLearn tasks

Download the script for this video here.


FrogLearn can be a fantastic resource, and with a bit of housekeeping can run smoothly over the change of year. Housekeeping is not only important for administrators, staff also need to get involved to make sure that their sites and resources are in a suitable state to be used in the following year.

Use the Information below to see some of the things Frog advises to keep FrogLearn ticking over into the new year.


Admin tasks

Checking the MIS import

New Users (MIS)

Old Users (MIS)

Groups (MIS)


CSV Schools



Staff tasks


Do they need to be updated? Reshared? Use the 'Sharing Sites' information for more information on resharing sites.



Can you close any assignments? Do any need to be reissued for the coming year?


Sharing Sites

You've got to the end of the year, created multiple sites that have been shared with your class and you're wanting to resuse all those sites again with a new class. The solutions are simple...

If the groups have been updated by your administrator it's likely that all your sites are now shared with your new class without you having to do anything. This may not be the case if you have shared the site with individual pupils instead of a group.

To check or change the way your site is shared:

  • Ensure the editor window is closed.
  • Click on the share icon.
  • Choose "Share".
  • Amend tags if necessary and click "Next".
  • Remove access for all users who will no longer need it by clicking the grey X's.

If you don't want to share the site with your class at this moment in time and for example, would rather share it in a different term, simply click the grey X next to the class name and when you're ready to share the site with them go back in and share. Re-sharing sites with a class/group/club/year, will also mean that each user in that group will receive a new notification to say that a site has been shared with them.

Download a training guide for help with sharing a site.


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