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A truly personalised approach

Cheltenham Bournside School

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Great learning with less


Our secret to great learning with less is putting Frog at the centre of school functions. We enhance, engage and enable a richer learning experience for students by using technology. At the heart of this is our 1:1 parent donation tablet scheme that enables every learner to have access to a device in every lesson.

By putting Frog in the hands of learners in every lesson, magical things happen. New technologies open doors to new learning opportunities that just weren’t there before.

David Hillyard
Cheltenham Bournside School

A truly personalised approach


We’re working towards a truly personalised approach, where students have real choices about how to demonstrate their learning. Students take charge of their own progress, get immediate feedback, and are more strongly engaged with deeper, timely conversations with their teachers. We’re combining a digital alternative to exercise books and a flipped classroom model, with Frog as the facilitating software to make it happen.


Wherever possible we make everything that teachers, students and parents do more efficient and effective. Every saving of time is then used to plan for a richer learning experience.


Frog is used to improve something that we need to do. The curriculum is at the centre of this with subjects using Frog in various ways. Departments also do their own marketing of their subject when it is time for year 9 to make choices for key stage 4. Options choices are a good example of how Frog makes provision of information and interactions more effective. The forms in Frog are critical to increasing productivity.


Saving time and money


Frog is used for trips and visits, with online instructions set in the context of the purpose of the trip, with links to documents that are needed. When students and teachers are on the trip they use FrogSnap to provide a photo-stream for those back in school.


Simple data collection, such as menu choices for meals before a parents evening, is easier with Frog. Frog makes the school more productive, saving time, saving money, increasing time spent on thinking about learning.


Students are also involved, for example the student anti-bullying ambassadors get alerts from other pupils via a Frog form. The dinner menus are also online along with the environment club area and the Duke of Edinburgh Award area to name a few.


We use the parent portal to communicate with parents through weekly bulletins, providing a whole ‘my child’ picture, with the ability to report absences through a form and online work for children who are excluded.


The overall picture of what is happening at Cheltenham Bournside is that in all sorts of subtle ways everyone that’s involved with the school is saving time and improving learning.

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