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The aim of these guides is to give you an overview of the main features of FrogLearn.  They are not comprehensive, for two reasons:

  • We are developing Frog all the time and adding new features regularly.  The Product Update pages on the Community contain the most up-to-date information.
  • The purpose of these videos is to get you started managing FrogLearn.  During set up and implementation, there are areas which only need to be looked at that  and as we're covering training, we didn't want to overwhelm you.

If you have questions then both the Community forums and Service Desk are ideal places to.  The forums are packed with answers and other helpful schools.  Frog Support monitor the forums too.

Transcripts for all videos (PDF)

Frog - System Preferences

  • Authentication Types
  • Dashboards - Setting up landing pages
  • File Types - whitelisting
  • Login Page Background
  • Network Drives - access from home
  • Usernames based on MIS Import
  • Acceptable Use Policy

System Preferences

Frog - FrogLearn Calendars

  • Booking Calendars
  • Adding bookings via a page

FrogLearn Calendars

Frog - Managing Users Groups

  • Setting rights and managing groups

Managing Users and Groups

Frog - Managing Sites

  • Files attached to sites
  • Using FrogLearn for your website

Managing Sites

Frog - Other things

  • Installing FrogCode widgets
  • What is an application?
  • End of Year - removing old groups and students
  • Mark Scheme Manager

Other Things