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Latest Features - Progress Hub

All about our student progress tracker

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Age Related Reporting


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Renamed Reports


As part of our Austen release we have made some changes to our report names to make them easier to use and understand. A quick reference table can be found below.


Old Name

New Name

LO Coverage by Contextual Group

Contextual Groups vs Time

Group LO Progress Summary

Objectives vs Time

Student Progress Summary by Subject Table

Students vs Time - Table

Student Progress Summary by Subject

Students vs Time - Graph

Multi Subject Coverage by Assessment Period

Subjects vs Time


Class Goals Update


Prior Year Alerts


Student Tracker Renamed Progression Charts


Progress Play Integration


FrogSnap and Student Submission of Evidance


Preview PDFs from Learning Locker


My Class, My Child and My Frog


Reporting Application




The dashboards for FrogProgress customers have been updated to include some updated links for documentation as well as quick and easy access to key applications.


Contextual Data