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The Need for Change


Hugh Greenway, Chief Executive of the Elliot Foundation

Hugh is an award-winning international business leader with over 20 years’ experience enabling education and learning organisations. Over the last five years he has built the Elliot Foundation from concept to one of the most successful primary academy sponsors in the country. Over the same period he has helped other academy trusts with their organisational design and has contributed to the Bloodhound SSC project which aims to inspire a generation to study STEM subjects with an attempt on the world land speed record.

The Future of Assessment


Tim Oates, Director of Research, Cambridge Assessment



Tim Oates, Director of Research at Cambridge Assessment was a keynote speaker at Frog16, providing delegates with his insight into the best of teaching and learning, specifically the best of assessment from around the world, and helping to dispel the myth that we are the most tested nation in the world. That said, he laid down the challenge we have in a life after levels and addressed key issues such as teacher workload.

A confusing change

Many of those in attendance commented that the focus on assessment after levels has been a confusing change, but Tim’s explanation aided understanding in how flawed the level system was whilst highlighting the benefits of regular assessments for learners.

You can read more about what Tim had to say at the Frog conference in his thought provoking article Can't Stand the Heat? Look for the Light, published earlier this week on the Cambridge Assessment Blog.

"Frog are doing great work"

In Tim’s article he remarks “Mick Walker…and Frog are doing great work in supporting schools to put granular, analytic assessment in place, which – rather than being fixated on progress in ‘levels’ – helps teachers better identify gaps and misconceptions, allowing immediate support to be deployed.”

Using FrogProgress in Drama


A drama teacher shares her experiences

FrogProgress is making marking and assessing practical lessons really simple for teachers. Kelly Tucker from Greenshaw extolls the virtues of using Frog to stay on top of her classes and how it helps to instill a sense of pride in her students.

iPads and Frog


Keith Pearey from the British School of Paris shared this presentation with Frog demonstrating how his school use iPads and Frog


Top tips for engagement


Billy Downie from Streetly Academy shares his experience of Frog at our Eat-Share-Learn


Primary Engagement


Phil Timmins from Finham Primary shares his experience at Frog's Eat-Share-Learn

Frog Progress Overview video


Gareth Davies talks about the principles behind Frog Progress at our Eat-Share-Learn

Future Developments


Frog's Graham Thorpe shares with you what Frog is developing next at Frog's Eat-Share-Learn

6 Years of Frog


Keith Halsey from Oxted School shares his experience of using Frog

Revision Centre, e-library & impact


Andrew Walls from Dixons Allerton shares his experience at Frog's Eat-Share-Learn

How we use FrogSnap


Harrison O'Neill from Rushy Meadow Primary School shares his experience at Frog's Eat-Share-Learn

Frog Progress in Secondary


Andy McDonald-Bowyer from Davison High shares his experience of using Progress at Frog's Eat-Share-Learn

Progress at Washingborough


Kelly Richardson from Washingborough Academy shares how they use Progress

Parent Power


Clare Powlesland and Mel Cooper from St Columba's College share how they use Frog

Transition Frog 3 - Learn


George Bligh talks about how he transitioned his platform



Alistair Gill and Graham Quince discuss FrogParent and the widgets available.

Why Students Love FrogPlay


A brief video of students talking about games-based learning

Why Teachers love FrogPlay


Teachers talk about games-based learning

A parent’s perspective of FrogLearn


A parent from a primary school talks about the parent access in FrogLearn

Welcome to Curie


A brief video introduction to some of the new features in all 3 Frog products

Home Learning


Frog's Ed Clementson hosts a webinar demonstrating the different ways Frog can be used for homework

Life After Levels - Step 1 - Take a deep breath


The NAHT's education strategist, Mick Walker talks about getting started with planning for Life After Levels

Life After Levels - Step 2 - Plan & Review


The NAHT's education strategist, Mick Walker talks about the implementing the curriculum for Lfie after levels

Life After Levels - Step 3 - Agree


The NAHT's education strategist, Mick Walker talks the third phase of implementation, working out what to measure and how

Life After Levels - Step 4 - Standardise & Moderate


The NAHT's education strategist, Mick Walker talks about how to standardise and moderate exemplar material

Life After Levels - Step 5 - Integrate


The NAHT's education strategist, Mick Walker talks about how to integrating FrogProgress into your school.

Life After Levels Seminar – Thoughts from The Day


A summary of our Life After Levels events