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Increase your outreach opportunities with a proven technology solution.

Frog award-winning technologies for learning, community and engagement are supporting leading organisations from theatres and visitor centres to faith organisations and housing associations, build world-class digital outreach platforms. Extending reach with local, national and international audiences, whilst building relationships and long lasting experiences.

Enuring outreach happens regardless of distance...


 ‘National Theatre: On Demand. In Schools’ is a learning service for schools in the UK. Teachers can bring theatre to life in the classroom with recordings of critically acclaimed, curriculum-linked National Theatre productions together with high quality learning materials. 

National Theatre On Demand


Removing geographical and financial barriers associated with accessing their learning programmes, Royal Botanical Garden Kew’s Endeavour programme is enabling schools throughout the UK to access learning opportunities without needing to visit the gardens. 

Kew Endeavour


ATYP exist to connect young people with the professional theatre industry locally, regionally and nationally. Their 'On Demand' service makes their amazing productions and learning resources freely available to all students in all schools across the countries massive geography 

ATYP On Demand

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