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Frog supports over 12 million users worldwide

Built specially to improve outcomes through teaching and learning processes.

This includes tools for creating engaging digital learning experiences and comprehensive assessment systems that focus on the achievement growth of each individual student. This is matched with a wide range of transactional tools to reduce the burden on teacher time, allowing them to spend more time focused on their children’s learning. We build tools that allow teachers to focus on their primary purpose, to help their students learn and progress.

Proven to support millions of users...



In Malaysia, we are working with our partner, YTL Corporation Berhad, a Malaysian infrastructure conglomerate to transform a nation through its education system. Together we have built the world’s largest project to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform. 



Working with Netcompany, we are delivering a transformative project for the Danish Government. ‘Aula’ will be a one-stop-shop for everyone involved in a child’s education, connecting 2 million active daily users,  through learning focused communication and collaboration technology.


SOuth Australia

In South Australia, we are partnering with Civica to deliver a bespoke school management solution to 900 schools. The management system will streamline administrative tasks, improve connection with parents and caregivers, and help schools and preschools focus on teaching and learning.

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We understand that technology is only part of the solution. Our wraparound skills accelerate project development and provide strong foundations that will grow and last long into the future.

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