Working with Governments

Frog exists to effect change in education, to challenge the status quo and build technology that does things not just differently, but better.

Established in 1999, Frog Education is a UK based, multi-award winning education technology company. With more than 12 million users across 24 countries, we are transforming learning on a system wide level.

Transforming education

with amazing technology

Frog was born into education and the benefits that it presented to schools worldwide were soon sought by governments implementing system-wide change. In response to this our technology has evolved to deliver not only exceptional teaching and learning solutions but many more tools that support large scale implementation and management.

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24 Countries


12 Million Users

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14,000 Schools

Improving Outcomes

Frog provides powerful technology built specifically to improve outcomes through improved teaching and learning processes. This includes tools for creating engaging digital learning experiences and comprehensive assessment systems that focus on the achievement growth of each individual student.


Case Studies


South Australia

In South Australia, we have partnered with Civica to deliver a bespoke Education Management System to 900 schools. The management system will streamline administrative tasks, improve connection with parents and caregivers, and help schools and preschools focus on teaching and learning.

1000 Schools

1 Million Users



In Malaysia, we are working with our partner, YTL Corporation Berhad, a Malaysian infrastructure conglomerate to transform a nation through its education system. Together we have built the world’s largest project to connect an entire nation through a single, cloud-based learning platform. 

10,000 Schools

10 Million Users

Reducing Workloads

Frog empowers with a wide range of transactional tools to reduce the burden on teacher time, allowing them to spend more time focused on their children’s learning. We build tools that allow teachers to focus on their primary purpose, to help their students learn and progress.


Case Studies


Take a look a recent case study completed by the Department for International Trade on the recently announced deal for 900 South Australia schools.

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From the jungles of Malaysia to the outback of Australia, Frog Education is providing learning platforms for students in remote communities and their cosmopolitan student counterparts.


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