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FrogOS is at it’s heart a development platform - an incredibly powerful tool!

We use this development platform to configure Frog to create different solutions for the education sector. In addition we also work with clients to create enterprise solutions specfic to their needs and requirements, some of the projects are really interesting, and quite often ground-breaking.

Intrigued? Take a look at who is using Frog...

RBG Kew’s Endeavour programme aims to remove geographical and financial barriers associated with accessing their learning programmes, enabling schools throughout the UK to access this learning opportunity without needing to visit RBG Kew. The Endeavour Programme comprises of a series of curriculum-linked science-based challenges which teachers can undertake with their class. Frog is working in partnership with RBG Kew to provide the technology to power this exciting programme.
‘National Theatre: On Demand. In Schools’ (ODIS) is a streaming video service for schools in the UK. Teachers can bring theatre to life in the classroom with recordings of critically acclaimed, curriculum-linked National Theatre productions. As an on-demand tool, schools can watch the productions whenever they like, as many times as they like, for free. Frog is proud to be the technology platform that powers this wonderful resource that is used by over 50% of all secondary schools in the UK.
Supporting learning, development and legislative compliance for 2500 staff servicing 2.8 million customers. Wessex Water needed to rapidly create and ensure completion of their own courses, in new areas such as competition law and GDPR following legislative changes. Frog LMS allowed them to ensure their courses were engaging and tailored to their organisation to encourage participation and ensure deep learning, whilst powerful reporting facilitated ensured resources were focussed in the areas of most need. Building upon this success, their plans developed to create a catalogue of self service and mandatory courses ensuring the continual professional development of employees at all levels across the organisation.