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Revision, Intervention & Catch-up
Whether you have students with low prior attainment or high expectations in your school. Strong gap analysis and intervention improves outcomes.

FrogPlay is a unified solution that allows schools to...


Baseline assessments using self marking curriculum mapped tests


Plot progress being made against end of key stage learning


Gather evidence and make judgements on mastery


Identify gaps in learning and align
learning resources to provide intervention


Encourage revision through game
based formative assessment.

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What makes FrogPlay different?

A challenging phase within a child's journey is the transition between each key stage of education. Especially if a child has gaps in their capabilities or knowledge. Teachers need to be able to quickly identify these children to ensure they can catch-up . Frog has a solution to help with this exact challenge.

What does a child know?

We start by asking what does a child know. Through an online progression chart, the curriculum objectives from the end of each key stage are clearly presented. For Key Stage 2 we utilise the STA Interim Teacher Assessment Framework.

Test Knowledge

Quizzes can be quickly deployed to students to help check their understanding and see where gaps may be. Teachers are then able to quickly make continuous judgements by utilising the reporting that is available within the platform.

Identify gaps

Easily see what a student does and doesn't know with Frogs simple to view traffic light report which make it easy to spot gaps in students' knowledge.

Reward learning

Get students excited about completing revision and homework in an engaging and competitive environment to incentivise independent learning with rewards based gamification.
  • Over 250,000 curriculum mapped questions.

    Over 250,000 curriculum mapped questions.

    Reduce teacher workload by tapping in to our bank of 250,000 curriculum-mapped quiz questions with gamification to keep children engaged in their learning.

  • Tracking progress and managing interventions

    Tracking progress and managing interventions

    Utilise Frog's progression charts to track progress against KS2 learning objectives from the STA Interim teacher assessment framework to help you to understand exactly what your pupils know and where any interventions are required.

What’s included with FrogPlay?

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Progression Charts

Assess against the curriculum, spot gaps in students' prior years, make judgements, capture evidence and assign resources at the click of a button. 



Curriculum Mapped Resources

Collaborate and support your teachers by sharing resources, exemplar standards, curriculum mapped video lessons, quizzes and tests. 



Evidence Capture

Share photos, audio and videos using mobile devices, quickly enabling the capture of evidence and supporting collaboration on school activities.



Progress Reporting

.  Create customised reporting in a few steps, enabling you to quickly identify gaps in knowledge.



Assignment Monitoring

Give SLT and teachers the ability to monitor and check homework via date, subject, year group, pupil and teacher across the school.



Setting Homework and Assignments

Quickly and easily manage the setting of homework and assignments from self marked quizzes to computer coding assignments.



Quizzes and Tests

Check your students understanding with a wide range of question types. Tap into a rich question bank of over 250,000 curriculum mapped questions across many subject areas.



Games Based Learning

Proven to raise results, our games-based learning engine helps check what students know, retain knowledge and master their subjects.



Learning Gap Analysis

Easily see what a student does and doesn't know with Frogs simple to view traffic light report which make it easy to spot gaps in students' knowledge.


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