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Our technology is powered by Frog

Frog technology is powering not just individual schools, but whole countries. Our technology covers all digital aspects of a school, it is wide reaching, extremely flexible and well proven.

We are helping schools with literally every aspect of their school improvement plans; everything from cost savings and saving teacher time, to improving results and engaging parents.

Building the right thing


While more and more schools are investing fully into everything that Frog does, we have also created tailored solutions targeted at fixing specific problems that today’s school face, allowing you to get targeted solutions from Frog without having to invest in the whole suite.

Depending on what your school needs we can configure these modules to provide the functionality that you require.Think of Frog as a huge Lego® kit that you can build anything from, and our solutions as ready-made kits built by us to target specific challenges or opportunities.

Frog is serious stuff.  Made simple.  Made fun.

What makes Frog work?

Loads of little things, but mostly it’s that it’s your solution.  Whatever your starting point with Frog, there’s nothing stopping you changing the way it works, adding new Lego® bricks or even creating your own.  It will look like your system and it will work the way you need it to.

Frog becomes part of your school, integrated with your ethos, your values, your way of working.

Frog is not a bolt on to what you do offline, it is the digital layer across your whole school, and it works the way you want it to.