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Our Approach
We ensure that we adhere to an important set of principles.

We believe these principles ensure that Frog will work in the way you need it to, it allows the system to be tailored to your school needs and becomes integrated with your ethos and values.


Frog - it just works

Today we all use good quality software in our personal lives.  Our expectations have changed.  Software development is no longer just the domain of engineers, it is design led and it includes customers.  Education technology generally lags behind in design but Frog has worked this way from the start, crammed full of hard earned innovations.  Frog lead the way and others copy what we do.  We see this as a compliment.



Make it your own

The secret to Frog is you can control every aspect of it. This doesn’t mean just creating a few different layouts and putting a logo in, it means you being able to design and build your own custom interfaces. This not only encourages engagement, but it massively reduces the complexity because you are giving your users just what they need, no more, and in exactly the way that makes the most sense to them.

So, if you want your parents to just see school notices, examples of their children’s work and their child’s attendance and attainment data; and all on a mobile ‘phone. No problem. Ten minutes work.


Grow your platform

Whether it’s assessment, communication, improving your school’s processes, or anything else, there are many reasons to join the Frog family. Whatever your starting point is you can be confident that if your needs change or grow that you don’t need to start again, Frog will have a solution. In fact, there’s a good chance that you already have everything you need and just need to adapt the way your Frog is working. Of course, we’re always here to help is you need us, as are a number of passionate people from our schools, check them out in our community forums.


Works with your systems

Most of us are suffering from password overload today, and too many systems to remember.

Whether this is your MIS, Office 365, Google or any number of education technology products, Frog can not only remove the need to remember your passwords for everything, but can bring together all your technology into one place, looking and feeling like one, single coherent system.


Tools to create 

Creativity is at the heart of what makes people passionate about Frog.  We put a lot of energy into making using Frog a creative experience, because we believe that inspiration comes through creativity.  This is why not just our children love using Frog, it’s also why our teachers choose to spend time enjoying it. 

People use Frog.  Because they want to.



Works on the device you use

Mobile & Tablets are the go-to devices today. Desktops haven’t gone anywhere, but more and more interactions are expected on mobile devices. Frog has a wide range of mobile and tablet applications, but more than that, our entire platform will run happily on these devices.

Mobile is the first thing we think about now when we’re developing new solutions.