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Technical Information

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Important points to consider


Please discuss details with your network manager as to how you are going to run FrogLearn, there are 4 options:

  • Remove Frog3 from your existing server. 
  • Virtualise FrogLearn onto your existing VM environment.  You can continue running Frog3 on your old server at this point, although technical support & updates will transfer to the FrogLearn instance only.
  • Use your failover server to run FrogLearn separate from Frog3.  
  • Technical support & updates will transfer to your FrogLearn instance only. We host your FrogLearn in the Cloud.  This is not recomended for most secondary schools, as you will lose network and AD access.  File space is limited too.

Depending on your current set up, you may need to purchase additional RAM.  Contact your SRM on 01422 250800 and we can run a system check for you.

Switch over

You can run Frog3 and FrogLearn simultaneously.  While not recommended as a long term solution, users can be managed via Frog3's toolkit and auto-redirected into FrogLearn.  For your users, their experience will be primarily FrogLearn, but can provide your Frog admin staff with access to your existing set up.

You can also embed Frog3 pages inside FrogLearn sites, should you need to.

Third-Party integration

FrogLearn integrates with a number of other web systems, including but not limited to:

  • Google
  • Office365
  • Britannica
  • ClickView
  • Eclipse MLS
  • GCSEPod
  • Planet eStream
  • RoomBookingSystems
  • Vivo

Most integrations require assistance from our Support Team - please contact the Service Desk on 01422 395939


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