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How to use Frog

A parent's guide to using Frog

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A guide for parents


As a parent, log into the Frog platform to see the new Frog Bar. This section will describe how as a parent you can navigate the Frog Bar to access applications, and sites quickly. 



To navigate between dashboards there are two options:


  1. Select one of the dots at the bottom of your browser to navigate through the dashboards that have been set for the parent profile. 
  2. Alternatively, select the Frog head. 



When selecting the Frog head, the dashboard selector will appear, allowing you to select a dashboard you wish to switch to and display. 


The Frog Head will react in one of two ways depending on where in Frog you are located: 


  • Should you have any application open (FrogDrive, My Child’s Progress, My Child’s Work etc) or site, selecting the Frog Head will see you taken back to the last dashboard accessed. 
  • Should you be viewing any of the dashboards (User Timeline, School Dashboard, Parent Noticeboard etc), selecting the Frog Head will display the dashboard selector. 



The text next to the Frog head will change depending on the area within the platform you are viewing at that point in time. In this example, we will see the text Home displayed as we are on the initial dashboards. So, if we opened the FrogDrive application this text would update to read FrogDrive. This is purely a label to inform the user as to what they are looking at, if this were a site that was being viewed, the label would display the word Site



Selecting Help will open up a pop up window displaying contextual help information. In this example when Help is selected as we are on the User Timeline the contextual help on Your Timeline will be displayed specifically about this area. Should you have the FrogDrive application open the contextual help that is displayed will be about FrogDrive and how this application works. The panel on the left enables the user to further explore the contextual help sections for other areas of Frog and its applications. 



Select the Quick Launch icon to have a list of available sites, applications and links displayed that you have access to.



A few improvements around Quick Launch include: 


  • Prior to this update applications accessed in Frog could be accessed again or closed via the Application Tray. In this release, the Quick Launch combines the normal functions as well as the previously known Application Tray. For example, we have opened the site named School Homework Calendar. This site normally is not displayed within Quick Launch but as the update shows applications / sites you have open, this will now appear and be displayed with a little grey dot to indicate an open copy of the site. You can also see a grey dot next to FrogDrive that has been opened. 


When selecting either the FrogDrive application or School Homework Calendar site from Quick Launch, Frog returns you to the open session of the application or site. This change should help users on tablet devices whereby there was a limitation of only 4 applications being open at any one time, meaning depending on what you have accessed you may have had multiple copies of FrogDrive open. 


  • The second change is the application icons have been refreshed to be more current with the functions they are delivering. 



Additionally, if you right click on any of the applications or sites within Quick Launch you will have one of two options appearing: 


  • Launch New – This will open the selected application or site. Some applications allow for multiple instances to run simultaneously in the background, a list of these applications include: 
    • FrogDrive 
    • My Child’s Work 
  • Close – This will close the selected application or site. 



The MyFrog button will display your child / children attending the Frog school. Select a child to view assignment / calendar information. 


In this example, we will select the child James Wilson



After selecting a child, the MyFrog link will display information on: 


  • Assignments – List of open assignments assigned to your child. 
  • Calendar – List of events including, open assignments assigned to your child and your child’s timetable information. 


The display of information in Assignments will replicate the newly available MyFrog mobile application for iOS and Android devices. For more information on the information and how it is displayed please go to the MyFrog Mobile Application > How-To (Parent View) section. 



The MyFrog link will update the indicator upon initial login and when the user refreshes their browser to display the following: 


  • The number within the MyFrog link will reflect the total number of open assignments that have been assigned to your child. Should you have more than one child attending the school the number will be a culmination of all open assignments for your children. 
  • The colour of the indicator will change depending on the due date of the current open assignments. The MyFrog link will be highlighted in one of the following colours: 
    • Red – 1 or more assignment is overdue.
    • Amber – There are no overdue assignments, but there is 1 or more assignment due in the next 7 days. 
    • Green – This will only display when there is only 1 or more assignment with a due date over 7 days. 
    • Green Tick – This will display when there are no open assignments. 



Selecting the Profile Menu will see the following options available: 


  • My Preferences – Selecting this option will allow you to personalise your Frog experience including: 
    • Set a background for use on your User Timeline 
    • Change your Frog password. This is only available to users who have Frog as an authentication source. 
    • Configure your notification preferences. 
    • Configure an email address to receive email notification updates. 
  • Notifications – See a list of the platform notifications received. 
  • Latest Release – View information on the latest release and changes that were included. 
  • Help – Selecting this option will see the in-platform help appear. 
  • Log Out – Select this option to log out of the Frog platform. 



The Profile Menu will display the initials of the user. In this example, the user Barbara Wilson, so the Profile Menu will display with the initials of BW. There is a three-character limit for initials. 



However, should a profile picture be associated with the user, this will display instead of the user’s initials.


Further Information

Please see below a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to toggle different areas of the Frog Bar:

  • h - Toggles the dashboard selector 
  • t - Toggles to MyFrog  
  • q - Toggles to Quick Launch 
  • esc - Closes any open menu or pop up window

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