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austen software update

4 July 2017, 5pm - 10pm

By Steve Holt, Deputy Managing Director




Mobile Enabled Themes

The 30 most popular pre-set themes are now fully mobile responsive and have been redesigned to make them more user friendly and modern. 


We've added the theme names to the thumbnails to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. 

Mobile Friendly.png


FrogCode Editor

Create, publish, and install your own widgets and applications onto your Frog platform! To get the most out of this feature you'll need to know the basics of HTML and JavaScript. 


Don't worry if you aren't the next Bill Gates! You will also be able to install the widgets others have made and shared onto the Community. 

Assignment Monitor

Assignment Monitor has been drastically improved so that it displays data visually. 


It now filters by subject, class, or teacher so you can easily see what homework has been set. 


These graphs and charts are fully downloadable for you to share. 

Attainment Table Widget

Parents can now easily access a summary of their child's grades, targets, and other attainment data.  


You choose what information is displayed from your MIS. 

See Classes More Easily When Setting Homework

This latest update has made it easier to see your classes when setting homework especially in cases where your MIS obscures the class codes. This has been requested many times on the Forums and we're pleased to release it with Austen. 

Find Classes.png


User Friendly Tweaks

We've made a range of changes to make Frog more user friendly.


This includes detecting when users are navigating away from Frog using the forwards and back buttons in the browser, Frog will now bring up a message checking you want to leave your site, ensuring work isn't lost in error.  


You'll also get this message if you click on a shortcut, type in a new address, or click on a link that opens in the same tab. 

Over 50 Bugs and Issues Resolved

In this release we've fixed over 50 issues reported to us by our users.


You can see a full breakdown of these bugs on the Frog Community.

Bug Fixes.png


Age Related Reports.png

Two Age Related Reports


We've worked closely with our schools to develop these reports that show students progress and attainment over time, which is perfect for SLTs and teachers to get a more detailed insight into their students performance and share with governors, parents, and Ofsted.


You can also see how entire cohorts are performing over an entire academic year.

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