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Frog. Who we are

We care about education

We believe that every child can be given a unique and personal education, and that this can be delivered by today’s teachers without increasing workload through the clever use of technology.

We believe we can make a difference.

At Frog we believe that if we find the right people everything else will fall into place. Our team consists of the most inspiring, hard working, and talented people in the industry and we’re proud to be here.

Who are Frog?

We started out as enthusiastic tech people, building software that allowed non-technical teachers to create exciting learning resources to help them engage their students. We’ve become education experts, we’ve learned how to make a real impact on children's lives. For 20 years our products have been changing the way that schools and teachers teach.

What is Frog?

Frog allows teachers to focus on every child as an individual, whether that’s identifying areas where they need help, providing differentiated learning experiences, or giving them rich, formative feedback. Rather than asking more of today’s increasingly burdened teachers, Frog does this in a way that can reduce teacher workload, by for example automating things like curriculum linked homework, while providing deep insights into where children need support.

Education Advisory 

We work with education experts to help us develop our product in line with where education is today...

Mick Walker

Mick’s teaching career extended over eighteen years including work in secondary, sixth form and Further Education institutions as well as work in Higher Education as an external examiner.


He has also worked as a local education authority advisory teacher and as a general adviser working with primary and secondary schools. Throughout his teaching career, he has been closely associated with the assessment system holding the posts of chief examiner and senior moderator.

Following his position as head of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority’s (QCA) regulatory monitoring programme, Mick played a key role in the National Assessment Authority’s (NAA) modernisation programme leading on support for examiner recruitment and recognition of their professional status through the formation of what is now the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA).

Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith has been described as the UK’s leading trainer in modern learning methods. He has delivered over 1,100 training and development events and is still counting.


He is the author of best selling books including books on learning, brain development and more recently on the culture of high performing schools.

For ten years Alistair was chair of Alite Ltd, a company which was at the forefront of developing learning in schools. Alistair works in both education and sport and is known for high quality presentations and innovative approaches to development and coaching. For over ten years he has been the designated learning consultant to the Football Association. He has helped the Football Association design and deliver the worlds’ first Elite Coaches course and been central to the re-design of their UEFA Pro Licence towards a competency based approach.

Our Partners

Our partners help us put together resources relevant to our customers, while advising us on what challenges schools are facing currently so that we can align our products with the problems our schools need solving.